Yesterday, it rained for the first time this summer.

While it happened, I sat in an office that smelled of old books and drowned with the voices of people talking business.  Occasionally I would hear a clap of thunder and lightning and smile to myself. All of the day’s sweltering heat will be washed off by the rain.

I wanted nothing else but to run outside, or to a window, and watch the rain pour. I’ve seen rain fall thousands of times though, even despised the impracticality it brought with it. I don’t know what makes this one special. I guess I wanted to see how gray the sky looked, or how the pavement suddenly filled with puddles, or the splash of the raindrops on the ground.

Once we went out of the office, I saw through a window that the rain had slowed to a drizzle. The sky was still gray, but had only left in its wake the ground wet and the air smelling of raindrops.


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