We are only counting hours till election day comes, and still, my mind is drawing a blank on who to vote for as president. If only I could keep my final answer that way—nameless. Instead of leaving four ovals unshaded, I’d keep all of them untouched and move on to my vice president’s name, where I would mark her oval with all enthusiasm.

Regardless of my preference to abstain (or not), someone will be picked over all of the five. Someone will claim the title of president. That is the truth. And this whole campaign season has been so overruled by opinions that the only thing comforting with me to side with is the truth. In the end I will not let my privilege to vote for a president go to waste. 

A few days ago I woke up and the first thought that came to my mind was that the next president will be in office for six years. I fast forwarded to my future. In between those years, I will be married and hopefully have kids. Whoever will sit as president will determine the world that my children will live in. Questions and situations whizzed in my brain: Will we have good jobs to support them? Will they have the same kind of freedom that we’re enjoying now? Most importantly, will the country be green enough for them walk in it? 

I know my thoughts are becoming a little too bohemian, but choosing who to lead our country is serious matter. It will make or break our future. Let’s not just think of our little bubble but of the rest who live in this country. This coming election day, I hope we do not vote for who could help us best, but who could help us be our best. I hope we do remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. We mustn’t become complacent and just depend on our new leader. Change starts with us. And whatever the results may be, I just hope that these will leave us at peace. 


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