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Tomorrow’s Countdown

We are only counting hours till election day comes, and still, my mind is drawing a blank on who to vote for as president. If only I could keep my final answer that way—nameless. Instead of leaving four ovals unshaded, I’d keep all of them untouched and move on to my vice president’s name, where I would mark her oval with all enthusiasm.

Regardless of my preference to abstain (or not), someone will be picked over all of the five. Someone will claim the title of president. That is the truth. And this whole campaign season has been so overruled by opinions that the only thing comforting with me to side with is the truth. In the end I will not let my privilege to vote for a president go to waste. 

A few days ago I woke up and the first thought that came to my mind was that the next president will be in office for six years. I fast forwarded to my future. In between those years, I will be married and hopefully have kids. Whoever will sit as president will determine the world that my children will live in. Questions and situations whizzed in my brain: Will we have good jobs to support them? Will they have the same kind of freedom that we’re enjoying now? Most importantly, will the country be green enough for them walk in it? 

I know my thoughts are becoming a little too bohemian, but choosing who to lead our country is serious matter. It will make or break our future. Let’s not just think of our little bubble but of the rest who live in this country. This coming election day, I hope we do not vote for who could help us best, but who could help us be our best. I hope we do remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. We mustn’t become complacent and just depend on our new leader. Change starts with us. And whatever the results may be, I just hope that these will leave us at peace. 


There’s magic in its midst

As promised, here are some of my lomographs using the Diana Mini.

square mode

half frame mode

For more of my lomographs, do visit my lomohome. The photos from my Holga 135 BC are posted there, and the vignettes are just lovely. 🙂

My own personal hero: Temple Grandin

Thanks to the television, I’ve been exposed to a multitude of inspiring people in the planet. I’ve blogged before about George Dawson after I saw him on Oprah. This time around I am inspired to write about Temple Grandin after learning about her life on the HBO made for TV movie.

I didn’t know much about Temple Grandin before I watched the movie. All I knew was that she was diagnosed with autism and that she changed the way of cattle handling in the States, which was all but enough for me to regard her as some sort of an inspiration even without knowing her. But when I saw the movie, I realized that she wasn’t just an inspiration, she was a hero. My own personal hero.

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…And to the Beach

The view from outside the house

I went to Panglao, Bohol last weekend together with my two cousins and my cousin’s girlfriend. We were able to stay at the guest/retreat house of the best friend of my aunt’s friend (I know you’re getting confused here, basically we had a place to stay thanks to a friend of a friend). You might be wondering “Retreat house?! What were you doing there on vacation?” The owner of the house is a priest and some students go there to reflect and contemplate, to be far from the hustle and bustle of Tagbilaran. The beach was just in front of the house making it the perfect place to think. The only thing you’ll hear is the sound of the waves, the muffled voices of some of the people, and the barking of some dogs. It was really very peaceful, nevertheless.

I won’t forget the first night that we spent in that house. It was just after dinner and we made cups of instant coffee and hot chocolate to comfort our full stomachs. We sat by the bahay kubo beside the house and got to talking. Soon enough, all the lights went out. It was a blackout! We were all dismayed but after awhile I realized that with the absence of light, the stars would be more prominent. My cousin, who was craving to see the stars for its lack thereof in Manila, immediately jumped from her seat and looked up. She was so amazed at what she saw and excitedly called out to us. The rest of us joined her and upon looking up, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Stars dotted each piece of the sky that we looked at. It was as if stepped inside a gigantic planetarium.

Posing with my night sky loving cousin

We pulled some chairs and looked at the stars for half an hour. Our necks were beginning to stiffen but we didn’t care. My eyes were also beginning to water, not because of the pain, but because I was so drawn into the moment.   Too bad that the starry night sky couldn’t be caught on camera, but at least it has been preserved in our memories. “This is the best blackout I’ve ever experienced,” one of my cousins said.

It wasn’t only the stars that amused us. The darkness also revealed the fireflies. Though there weren’t as many as I would’ve hoped to see, I still appreciated their presence since it was the first time that I have seen fireflies. We also encountered a cat which we chose to call Curly because of its short and curly tail. The cat joined us while watching the stars and I could say that it was the best behaved cat that I’ve ever met.

This post is meant to be about the sea, the sound of the waves, and the summer sun. But I can’t help it; it’s really hard not to write about the little things on the beach.


Photos courtesy of my future cousin-in-law, Joselle Cortez 😉

I Went to the Mountains…

I know this post is too belated as my colleagues have already blogged about it. Yet it’s been two weeks and I’m still giddy about our Sagada experience.

No matter how much I love the mountains, I admit that I still have my fears. Of course there’s that initial fear of the journey. A concrete example is travelling with an unknown driver who continuously overtakes on countless zigzag roads and blind curves amidst dizzying heights. And then of course there’s the destination itself, immersing yourself into a strange and unfamiliar place.

We hiked and trekked through lush greens that didn’t seem so innocent once we realized that they had cow “landmines” hidden all over them. We climbed on rocks and boulders made slippery by bat shit. We submerged ourselves in the cool, clean waters of the cave, waters that made us freeze on the spot, shout for our lives, and shiver on the brink of hypothermia. We did all these in one day.

At the end of the day I conquered all that I was afraid of. I felt so proud of myself for being able to accomplish everything that I’ve just mentioned. I am so blessed to have nature trippers for my companions. If not for them and their infectious enthusiasm, I would have easily run back to the van and be satisfied with waiting and missing out on all the fun. I could definitely say that it was a good bonding experience with the people in the office, and I can hardly wait for the next big adventure that I will embark with them.


Photo courtesy of Mia Santos