Ryan Gosling Pt.2

I knew beforehand that Ryan Gosling is part of a two-man band called Dead Man’s Bones. Their music is a bit weird, but weird in a good way, bordering on indie and gospel. Their songs are mainly about ghosts floating, skeletons, and graveyards—death in general. So just imagine my surprise when I found this on YouTube:

Surprisingly light. By the way all you’ll see is the picture while playing the song.

I’m not that sad that he is taking a break from acting. I mean, he’s been in the business since he was twelve; there are enough videos and movies of him to watch until he comes back. And all that free time could also mean more time to focus on music. I mean listening to him sing that song above and to Dead Man’s Bones, that possibility isn’t so bad, is it? Maybe we need to hear more of his voice and his music rather than just see his gorgeous face, and those eyes, and that body…ok getting carried away here.


Funny Face



I don’t think it’s normal to fall in love with a face like this. It’s not your typical cute. Big googly eyes, a pudgy nose, and saggy jowls do not necessarily make the best face. But they do make sense on Frankie. He’s our new puppy. And I have fallen in love with him completely, funny face and all.

Ryan Gosling pt.1

I guess writing this will serve as some sort of intervention. You see, I’ve developed an obsession over a guy—and it is not my boyfriend. He goes by the name of Ryan Gosling.


(This is too embarrassing to admit. I squirmed as I typed his name, okay.)

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There’s magic in its midst

As promised, here are some of my lomographs using the Diana Mini.

square mode

half frame mode

For more of my lomographs, do visit my lomohome. The photos from my Holga 135 BC are posted there, and the vignettes are just lovely. 🙂

Beagle Bailey’s Birthday

It’s our beagle Bailey’s birthday! My mom texted me to go straight at home after work. Apparently, this spoiled little dog cousin of mine has a dinner party. We’ll be having spaghetti and fried chicken–the quintessential party food.

She is spoiled and sometimes acts like the pack leader of the house, but I love her to bits. Happy birthday (not-so)  li’l doggie. ❤

The Girl in the Dragon Dress

I’ve recently finished reading the Millennium Series of Stieg Larsson, and I just have to say that I’m quite sad that there aren’t any more novels about Lisbeth Salander. One of the reasons I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was because of my curiosity over Larsson’s rough and tough heroine. Once I had gotten to know more about her, I just had to read the other two books.

On the bright side, I may have finished stalking Lisbeth Salander on paper, but I’ve yet to see her on the big screen. Rooney Mara will play Lisbeth Salander in the American version of the movie; if I do say so myself, it’s inevitable to be curious about Rooney Mara if you’re also curious about Lisbeth Salander. With a little bit of researching, I found these:

Well whaddya know, she’s the cover for the November issue of Vogue!

So beautiful! Major girl crush!

The movie won’t be showing here in the Philippines till next year, and I really can’t wait.


photos from vogue.com

Hanging out with the crazies

My friends and I had a very productive day last Saturday. First, we went to the Collective to pig out on some Buffalo wings and comfort food at Wingman. Their wings are what they’re special for but the other dishes are so good, too. But what I really loved were the carrot sticks and the dip that came with the basket of wings. Crunch, crunch, crunch!

Two tables filled!

We ordered 3 dozens of wings, each 6 a different flavor. We had lemon pepper, mango barbecue, honey mustard, their new flavor jamaican jerk, and the other two I forget.

Cajun-grilled fish fillet. Yummy!

Fish and chips

These onion rings are HUGE! So huge that they kinda remind me of bangles.

What a feast!


Right after lunch we did a little bit of exploring.

We saw a teeny-tiny kitten

and oh-so-pretty graffiti

and Rene Requiestas

Wingman can be found at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Village

Towards the late afternoon we then headed to SM North Edsa to catch the advanced screening of Real Steel at the IMAX theatre, no less!

Real Steel doesn’t show until Wednesday, but when it does, I really recommend that you watch it. The movie showed a future very similar to our present today, the only difference is that the gadgets are cooler and that robots have replaced boxers. But the movie isn’t only about robots bashing at each other. It also shows a father and his estranged son rebuilding a relationship through robot boxing. Kind of Kramer vs. Kramer meets Transformers, haha.

So this was our Saturday. How about you, how did your weekend go? 🙂

A New Baby

The stork delivered this for me yesterday!

It's a Diana Mini!

I haven’t blogged about this before but I truly love shooting with film. There’s just more mystery when shooting with film compared to shooting with digital cameras. I love imagining what’s in the roll of film I’m about to drop off at the lab, and I love holding the developed photos in my hands. For sure some of the photos will appear overexposed or underexposed, or the multiple exposures will be wonky, but even if just one photo comes out the way I imagined it, it will be enough to make me buy more film and repeat the process once again.

My first baby is a Holga 135BC, which I named Albinus Maximus Cornelius. The name seemed apt for such a strong looking camera. Albinus belongs to the family of Holgas, the medium-format camera famous for its plastic lens and for producing dreamy square photos coupled with extreme vignetting. The only difference of my camera with its predecessor is it uses 35mm film instead of 120 film. The vignettes can still be achieved through the black corner (BC) mask in the camera.

Albinus Maximus Cornelius hamming it up for the camera.

The Diana Mini is my second toy camera. It’s the little sister of the Diana+ F camera, also a medium-format camera. When I saw her up close, I was surprised at how tiny she was. My phone is probably even longer than her! So adorable. I named her Amarantha Cynthia Celeste.

I haven’t taken her out for a spin yet but what I like about her is that she also uses any kind of 35mm film, may it be color negative, slide, or black and white. What drew me most to this camera is its ability to take half frame photos. That means instead of shooting just 36 frames, I’ll end up with 72. I can capture contrasting scenes and make stories through my pictures.

Comes with the Diana F+ Flash, 12-pack color gels, Diana-to-hot shoe flash adaptor, Hot shoe-to-Diana flash adaptor, lens cap, and neck strap

This "Shoot Forever" book is also included

"Your life will never be the same again" (I'm sure of it!)

I’m so excited to take my new baby places. And I also can’t wait to use the flash and the color gels. Analogue really is love.

Are you also interested in film cameras? 🙂

For more information on the cameras, visit the Holga and Diana Mini microsites.

To Ms. Blue Pallet on Canvas

I just want to greet the person who introduced me to blogging a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for all the kind words about my writing, those mean a lot to me. Enjoy your special day and be happy! 😀

What’s on TV

The first thing I do when I come home is open the television. I’ve blogged before that I avoid going on the internet when I get home since I’ve been looking at the monitor the whole day at work. I just laugh at the irony. As if looking at television screens isn’t any worse!

My TV time starts at 9 pm, when dinner is done and my boyfriend has already gone home and I just lounge around in my bedroom. I have a schedule of the shows stuck in my head and I just channel surf when I get bored with what I’m watching.

Last night as I was channel surfing I saw that Toy Story 3 was showing on Star Movies. I’ve watched it for about five times already so I wasn’t really interested in watching it again. But since there wasn’t really any TV show up in line, I settled with Toy Story 3.

Again, I’ve watched it for about five times and those five times I’ve watched it never failed to make me tear up. Last night wasn’t any different. The part where (for those who haven’t watched it yet, there’s a spoiler ahead!) Andy passes down his toys to Bonnie before going to college is the culprit! He plays with them one last time before saying goodbye. Hay…Maybe I just can’t fathom the thought of having to do the same thing with my stuffed toys (yes, I’m already in my 20’s but still have my stuffed animals around me). But at least there’s someone who would take good care of the toys.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to watch Toy Story 3 again but I’m pretty sure I’ll still be shedding tears. Itchokay, it’s part of being human, haha.